Buy Facebook Likes? Yes for Businesses

A Like on Facebook can take your post to extreme highs. A lot of posts from this social media giant have become viral thanks in large part to the attention gained from ordinary people.

In fact, most businesses are now investing in getting people to advertise their Facebook Page instead of simply putting up a website and having that site advertised. Facebook has even gone to the lengths of doing the advertising themselves, since more people are on Facebook instead of just surfing the internet.

Facebook advertisements aren’t as pricey as other advertising companies though.

However, Facebook advertisements are only half the battle. Ads on Facebook, or anywhere else, will only work for a Page if it has a lot of Likes.


Facebook ads do help in getting you more Likes, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the traffic you want to really launch your business into a bit of prominence.
For this reason, a new type of company, the social marketing company, has sprung up on the internet that offer something advertising companies would not dare do: let people buy Facebook Likes.
Yes, you heard it right. Facebook Likes, apart from being solicited through shares and ads, can now be bought, literally.

Social marketing companies LikeBuyLikesMedia, BoostFansNow, GetPremiumFans, and the Like are really making waves and capitalizing on the fact that people who own a Page need Likes to keep it going, no matter what that Page is for. It’s a novel idea, but how does buy Facebook Likes work?
How It Works
Buy Facebook Likes might sound complicated for a lot of people, but it’s really a simple process.


Though sites do it differently, here’s a simple way of looking at it:

  • A customer selects a package containing a certain number of Likes. Sites offer anywhere from 100 to 10,000 targeted Likes for a range of price points (somewhere between $10 and $750 for some sites). They also send the site their Facebook Page URL.



  •  Once the social marketing company receives the order, they then go through their multitude of ways to getting a Like on that Page. This can be achieved through a variety of ways, although there are two that are recognized by these companies: bot accounts and active promotion.


  • A “delivery time” is often included in the package bought by the customer. The company does its job during the said delivery time to advertise the site through the methods mentioned above. All the customer needs to do is sit back and do what they usually do on their page: post updates.
    Seems too good to be true? For a lot of people, it is. But for those who have tried it, they’ve really seen a huge boost in their Page traffic as well as site traffic (if they have a separate website from their Page).


  • The advantages of buying Likes seem to far outweigh the implications it has on how social media is used. By using websites where you can buy Facebook Likes, you no longer need to do that much legwork in promoting your Page. All that hard work facebook-marketing (2)is taken care of by someone else. However, people around the net often see this as nothing more than people getting ripped off, since they don’t really generate “true Likes” for your Page.

True Likes, as defined in a lot of articles that go against this kind of business, are those that are born out of real interest in the page. A lot of critics to the buy Facebook Likes scheme point out that these Likes are not genuine. For those who use it, it’s a matter of business.